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Be Deluded Not, Life’s a One Shot Pistol Chance + If You Wanna’ Have Lived in The Grand Sum of it All, Take Your Light ASAP + Living With Fulfillment as Focus (Part One)

The play of life is a very deep and immencely personal dance which we’re all involved in whether we like it or not. As we are, each person alive is employed by a set of desires which act as direct motivations for every action and non-action.

Our similarities move us to share more than a few motivations as people traversing through time, the variability in them, and what they mean to us however differs greatly. We’re driven by our love, and our curiosity being as we are curious and emotional animals. Our desires inspire where our hands will go, what they will grasp for, and ultimately what the artistic play of our fingers will mold in our lives.

Our desires mean the most to us, even if we don’t know it. In truth, we would give it all for them, our own very lives, as often we do just that. No one’s life which is important to us than the desires we hold, not even our most dear relationships. If we shirk our inner desires, giving no attention to fulfilling them, we will no doubt ring hollow inside.

It’s our personal desire inside which fuels our spirit to go above and beyond in our love for other people. At our core exists a deep personal desire which starts and ends with ourselves, not the well being of any other individual.

We cling-to and operate based on the fulfillment of our desires, they are the key of everything we are and everything we will become- do not be confused about this.

Perhaps you happen to believe that you live for the sake of others? Are you such a philanthropic soul? What is your desire, and how does it become fulfilled in your caring for others? Ask yourself and see if your intentions are as selfless as your beliefs lead you. Do you really gain nothing for yourself through simple selfless acts?

You live only one life. All of us only live one life, at least as far as we know, so in this there’s no everlasting guilt in our life being lived to fulfill the desires in our hearts. Since life is but a glimmer in time, then gone forever, who can judge the notion of this?

Can any one of us extend another’s life by forcing on another our personal ideals of living?

People may tell us seeking personal fulfillment is being selfish, but the likes are just unaware of the lapses in thought their ideologies suffer them. It is even easier for the perpetually unfulfilled to sully the ambitions of others as they observe others as gaining fulfillment when they’ve failed to do so themselves.

Many live in a state of delusion. There are too many folk subscribing to manufactured ideas, and there’s certifiable danger in being too sure of your perspective. This is a failure to think and explore one’s own will. Ideologies more oftenly rely heavily on ignorance and are also foolish and blinding, restricting the experiences which fill the lives we lead.

If you truly wish to gain the best experience out of this one life of yours, you must live in mindful hunting of your desires- these being the reason you live and breathe, the reason you press on through opposition itself.

To live in an enriching and enjoyable experience, one needs to find out their inner reasons for living. This may not come easy for one not willing to spend conscious effort in doing the work in straining this out of their existence. These findings may come easy in dutiful work, like something of luck, or they may come only through extreme dedicated work.

The knowing is important, it’s not for nothing. To know one’s reason to press against the challenges of life is a refreshment. This refreshment of awareness which comes from finding your inner desire becomes a cure to the anxious ailing of your spirit.

Once you know what motivates you and drives you, it becomes easier to make life more effective in seeking that which is fulfilling.

It is the fulfillment you should seek in life for it’s what will make your life feel complete in your last days, at your dying breaths- when you look onto your body in your transition to the ethereal world.

The undeniable fact of life is your fulfillment depends on only you, and no one else. Your life is yours and no one else’s. If you don’t lead it with intent and fulfill that which drives you with as much nourishing experience which saciates you, there will be no one to blame but you for that in the sum of it all.

You need to live to experience. If you think life comes twice, or would like to believe this life is only a test for a real life, or some other ideology, don’t look to blame anyone else should these things not come to fruition. Better to live good now, than to be sorry later.

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