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The Dilemma Plaguing The Over Confident Man + Should Men Humble Themselves to be on Guard in Today’s Landscape? SURE. An Honest Rant

Not over confident, but extra confident this is the necessary mindset of survival for a man in society today.

This is not an angry rant, but more like a rant of heavy sarcasm in this satirical life of multi-media maddness we now reside in.

If you’re a man who hates masculinity, or have a problem with plainly self-confident men, ask yourself why you feel such a way. For the reasonably open minded, I would ask that you at the very least humor these queries closely:

How can a man where both society and separate ideologies are both trying to break men down and stick them in some lower place, telling him he’s repugnant and not to be cocky as all men are, deal with living while not holding his confidence in self, the only glue holding him together, in high esteem?

Perhaps even, make him a Black man (or a White man these days too!) in societies where anywhere in the world, people with lower frequency thoughts may look at you like an enemy just because of who you are. Where just for being in certain public domains it’s perfectly logical to feel insecure, or that you don’t belong, that you should’nt be there just because of what you are.

How is one to contes with such things honestly?

How can we, as men, not see the need to be EXTRA self-confident when as a man your own lady is content on chopping you down, detonating everything you stand and work for whenever she feels her feelings insulted? What’s it all for, when no matter how much you do, you could ALWAYS be doing more?

How can you not need extra self-confidence when on the days where everything is against you and all of your work is all for nothing, where in that time the only thing keeping you from jumping the ledge is that little extra confidence you had left over compensating for that void of emptiness deep inside you after taking your licks?

Yes of course, as a man you shouldn’t feel good about yourself, work for what you get and feel proud about it. Not when the world is looking to tear you down and lower your status to nothing but a servant of industry and the wallet jockey for your family, you dummy.

Be EXTRA self-confident? In the face of today’s adversities? Of course not, and what a preposterous preposition you’ve had for thinking so, sir. Boys never cry anyway.

Now be a good boy, and get back to work.

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