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FLESHx(Series)TWO: The Tool, The Wonder, The Spell of Servitude

Think of body, think of skin, think of the flesh, think of the power in said flesh, think of the inspiration wrought from the peering of such flesh the skin, the body itself, such shape.

The flesh as a tool. The body and its shape, is hypnotizing in extended gaze.

Locus on the viewer, what power does the flesh of the one who assumes the vessel have on that very audience it holds?

The power in the flesh is like light.

This light of the flesh bends to the will of the one inhabiting it, that person behind the flesh, that mind which chooses purpose for thy divine flesh shell.

Morality, this comes into question, but is a human word a tool of language for communicating ideas.

Morality is of simple mind. What does the universe, what does the deeper method of seeing, and seeking of all things speak of such a tiny enveloping label.

First, what is the morality and where does it come from? In this place of origin, what is morality defined as?

This is the only value of morality. The cultural definition that somehow imposes it.

Like water that drips down flesh, barrier to the muscle and bone, it can be brushed off. Dried from the sensibilities and seen as such conservation of comfort as it usually is.

Petty cultural sentiments are not all encompassing.

The flesh is a consecration of thy divine will of the avatar inhabiting it. It molds to the actions, changing shape depending on the spirit of its wielder and changes too with time and maturity. It is not forever, but a blink in time for beauty to be witnessed. . .

So as the flesh, or the owner of such flesh that has this intoxicating ability to inspire onlookers, what is it that inspires the usage of flesh as assuming it’s displayed as an art for its global peerage?

To the user is the power.

To the viewer is the weakness of that said power.

For it is not even choice which assumes control of either the user of said fleshly invocation, or effect of that, but rather it comes deeper within the spirit of the carnal animal being inside us all.

To control is indeed a intoxication over even the wielder of their flesh. This intoxication of this influence can twist a mind into madness. As can this said power do for the audience of such exhibition.

A life savings spent on the black hole of a sucking flesh, all willed and wanted by the flesh’s possessing power over the susceptible individual.

The flesh’s power is indeed masterful in the universe. It runs deep even beyond our knowing, even as we call ourselves the most intelligent life on the planet.

Flesh can be used to create life, or to thusly just the same consume life. With the spotlight of technologies now, many lives it has the power to across the planet even.

Flesh is beautiful and intoxicating, it compels us to it, to grasp and to sense deeply, to understand its ways and existence, like many flowers in a field. It can completely consume us in mind and body. Flesh can be a joy, or a beautiful danger, or a deathly danger.

Be weary of the power of flesh, of your flesh and the power flesh has over your eyes, as it may be your heaven or your hell.

The eyes are the windows, rather the access, to what consumes the soul.

Respect be to the muse | Caitlyn Mwenifumbo | Source(Instagram)

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