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Stars With Brilliant Muse Panache [Series]: I Want Teresa Thompson For the Next Underworld Movie

I enjoy to see Teresa Thompson in film and TV. She’s has a beautiful look, and often as was my first impression of her in ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ the actress does well to convey a pretty tough, or hardened demeanor maintaining a stunning look.

In the current time of 2022, I often think about the movie franchise ‘Underworld’. You know the one with the stylish vampires which shoot it out with werewolves in street war? In how cool it would be to have Thompson be featured as the main protagonist, replacing ‘Selene’ played by Kate Beckinsale, in a new sequel movie in the series.

Why is that? It’s definitely not me attempting some form of making the franchise ‘woke’, (eye-roll) but rather I personally happen to like Thompson, and see her in that role completely fitting. There may be a way her look and strong, and rebellious persona can revamp the series in a way that turns some heads to the now older franchise.

You have no idea how much I wish this could be a thing right in the now-

When I saw Thompson introduced to me in Thor: Ragnarok I was really stunned just by how well she was able to play into the whole, jaded vet of a god planet with a drinking problem role in a way that seemed very natural.

Somehow she also made this rouge, rude, unpleasant character attractive and cool. After that I on the look out for her in other movies. I was immediately a fan. Tan skinned, cool, charismatic, and so attractive. (Hell yes!)

Her role in Westerworld, which is a show I really enjoyed even deep into the 3rd season when it started to get very ‘woke,’ was less stretching of her ability but still very nice. Maybe I was bias by the time I had seen the show, but I’ll take that on the chin.

She captivates on the screen having that puffy cheeked, soft adolescence to her facial features, the ‘Cosby-Show’ vibe type of funness, while still commanding with a sense of seriousness. A salty & sweet indeed. This is what I really enjoy.

I haven’t seen her in names of giving too much cinematic range beyond the roles I’ve seen, but for those at least I really have enjoyed to watch her.

What about you? Does Tessa Thompson strike you a worthy presence on the screen, or not?

If not, why? Tell in the comments!

Be well!

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