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Obsessing W/ Humxn + Why We are a Beautiful Flourishing Intelligent Animal + In Light of What’s Divine in Us

I’m obsessed with the human body, the human spirit, the soul, the motivation, the sadness, the glee, the disappointment, and the free nature.

These things obsess unconsciously in my mind in a way unexplainable.

None can understand what they only see on shallow margin.

Their error is their lack of insight. Their error is the lack to give beauty its due where it exists all and flourishes.

All around us.

We see without comprehension, but to comprehend is to be illuminated alustrustly with radiance.

To spend time to figure why a flower is beautiful like it is, means you will see that beauty magnified ten fold in your lifetimes.

Spending a lifetime only on the surface, is spending a lifetime never living while your life had the time.

Life in the dark, clouded by the magic just before us is a life depressed and wasted.

A life not yours.

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