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The Conflict of the Narrative Media VS Nature, VS Gift, VS Female Anatomy – To Make The Natural order, a state of Illusionary Dysfunction is Now the Goal?

Their Target, Goal: De-Uniqueify


The New Normative, lack of sexuality; lack of femininity, lack of uniqueness

Why not make life a bland white soup of the same?

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The human figure is to be amazed by. The human figure is a work of stellar art.

The human figure is unique, a blend and mixture of genetic code spun and spit out in completely random order.

All for one is the wonder of the human anatomy, this is fine to just appreciate.

So why are there so many who are set on depreciating the art of appreciation?

Are these minds who tear down, those of the sad? The sick? The hollow?

Hollow souls write characters blind of reality, and sick as themselves seeking the approval of none.

Problem is these uninteresting souls, those people, those minds, look to make everything equal.

Equality is that everything is equally mundane, this from observation as it is seemingly just the apparent case in the corporate dead steering of our commercial society.

Even cartoon bunnies, those which character, speaking of natural figure and relatable physique get cut down, reduced to nothing but the boring and uninteresting, like overgrown hedges.

What is the issue here? One might say that those who are sick can’t make due with their own error. Lack the strength to accept the responsibility. That when that error is magnified by the natural beauty of the world they are made even more sick, hopeless.

So what’s to be done by them? In their say they would look for equality in all things. Yet, the educated know equality is not the natural order of the world of nature.

It is continued even-so. This means cutting down the beauty in all things, making beauty a facade, making the not particularly beautiful thusly something it isn’t.

This all for the elimination of the highlighting of an individual’s error, the destruction of reality as it is.

This only in order to make reality an over-writable illusion. The illusion being that none is better, or gifted with things greater than another- as if this is not somehow necessary anyhow. An attribute of the exclusive beauty of a wonderful life filled with a spectrum of Majesty and wonder.

No, those who have nothing will see the world as they see theirs.

To tear down even those who have, and re-write what it is to have anything at all, just to fit their sickened low-poly resolution, and make it so they raise themselves out of societal squalor just to fit in when they never actually did.

This only because they never actually grew as people, they did nothing, so they look to make nothing the new norm, the new bar to reach to.

If you destroy nature for the lack of perception in those who perceive the ill, then all is ill, and ill becomes nothing but the new norm. Illness disappears completely.

This is what happens when mundane and uninteresting becomes the scope of the new world order. When the disgusting and deplorable, pathetic and intolerable write the narrative, they make themselves the heroes,

and everyone else the pathetic ones.

Those who reject nature, reject themselves. Yet nature is not something which can be rejected as what goes round always comes back around with a new life.

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