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Titles are Not Needed, This is Something I Wrote In the Morning, Straight From the Spirit of This Shell of Me

The beauty from behind your eyes is a brilliant radiance, a magnificent majesty.

Deliver us from the evils, here and there. From the evils that appear where we stand, where we exist. Those that persist with a hiss, and stare.

Fuck them. Those things that that care for and those things that they judge for.

Fuck the entire thing. For what is it worth when we shall be a heap of bones breaking down through generations and generations.

No one will have ever known us, very soon, and much sooner we will be long since.

Hence, what is it all worth for. What is us? Who are we?

If we make no mark, will we ever be able to say we existed? The- who?

Who do you mean? I’ve never heard of them, most have been before my time. They will all say when it comes to you.

No one cares any boo, about those things you do. Of what you obsess about. And eventually it won’t even matter.

So insignificant, it will be like you were never matter.

Like you were never here.

Like you existed for the sake of your parent’s smile, you spouse’s smile, your children’s smile, and then poof, you’re chemicals in the wind.

Don’t even pretend, you’re a god- you here, are nothing but a self-fooling fraud.

What’s left of you even now?

Forget the shade, and live for you now, live in the now.

Live for the beauty that sings songs in your heart, for one day

you will never have even existed at all.

Make a mark, or recede back to the dark, amongst the trillions of stars no one has even ever heard of or cared.

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I love you for reading this. Peace.

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