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Fall is Here, The Goings and Comings Brought Along By The Season, and What I’m Working On Currently

The leaves are falling down, summer is over.

It’s the beginning of a new season.

New outlooks, new goals, new experiences and new interests.

For many of us, it’s a great time. For some others of you, you may like it less. Or! If you live in a place where the weather changes with the season very little, you may not even care!

For the rest of us, fall as we call it, is a great time.

I am looking forward to this fall, as just next month it will be my birthday- I will be a milestone 35.

I am looking forward to the current goals in my life, and fulfilling them as I feel much more activated and focused on what they are and how to correctly implement them for the time being.

During the day, I’m a gig-worker. Also, a father, partner, what-have-you. Sometimes, things get tough and it can become hard to keep your focus honed. Sometimes you may not even know what exactly to focus on at all!

That’s why the seasons change is pretty cool.

Along with the changing of the immediate weather around us, it also offers us a changing of the guard of such. A break in the monotony, a reason to celebrate. A reason to reboot.

This season I’ll be working on my goals I identified over the summer. I quit my job a couple months ago and decided to focus on myself, mental health and succeeding with my ambitions with full force. I has been a struggle. However, struggle brings strife, being resilient brings skillful learning.

As it is being a blogger.

Trillion Likes isn’t my first blog, but it is by far the most successful so far of the blogs I’ve created.

I love photography, figure modeling, and just creative outlets in general, this is why I created TL. Also, because it was a new idea, a re-do of something I had tried to do years upon years prior in the same focus but with a little more skillfulness now.

I do TL because I enjoy turning the human body into art. I enjoy and support those who make art with their body, from model to sex worker or whatever. It’s a way of expression, it’s a matter of exuding your inner personality. I think that is great.

It’s also why I partook an interest in photography. Yet, I haven’t had much time in the struggles of life to really slice out a piece and make that hover off the ground yet. But it’s in the back of my mind, as many things are, you probably can admit to this too.

So, for as the fall, I will continue to post here in the free time I have. Continuing to look for stellar images on the web to share and promote artistic expression and the likes.

For other things I’m doing: I’ll be working on a small project of literature, focused on writings about the Mind, and how it creates the world we live in as our perceptions inform our reality.

That will be coming pretty soon in the upcoming months.

I am also working on a live stream, twitch.tv/gemseekingwolf, and Youtube(gemwolf), also video, where I will be discussing many things of the human experience, past and present, and learning from them to become more evolved and informed.

Much stuff, but prior to that- I’ve got to keep the lights on! Gotta’ pay these bills before the thrills, you know’.

I hope you are enjoying the content here. Feel free to leave a comment on your current personal commitments for the season, and any other comments.

Have a nice day! Be safe! Stay tuned!

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