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Dark Silhouettes and Drives, The Motivation of The Cold Machine Minuscule is the Real Light, But Large are the Thoughts and Dreams of Illumination a Scapegoat From Failure and Unhappiness

Be careful to not become caught up in wormholes. Your reality can be altered by the perceptive you choose to skew it by, but it can also be distorted. A thoughtless day will remind you of exactly the world you exist in, the most nearest one to you. Remove yourself from yourself at times, you need to critically analyze at times, not all times just at times. Life is not all roses and beautiful scenery, never expect life to be such, to do so is to delude and degrade your path of life so that you believe that no matter what there is no where to go for you. Don’t get caught up in thoughts without noticing the sheer beauty in how a bee extracts ingredients from a flower, a beautiful process in itself seldom seen for its beauty. Be sure to remind yourself to the things you aspire to, you will forget. Refresh your outlook not just once and for all, but always and you’ll keep yourself from sinking down depths to reality’s darker side.

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