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The One Who Licks Ice Cream In The Face of Death, The Angered Face of the Gods Upon Them, and The Concern For Sweets Larger Than The Concern for Self Guilt Love and Joy Larger Than Penitence

In the adult stages of life you and only you have the power to choose the path of what’s to be paved. Another can tell you that the path is this way or that way, but only you have the power to decide for which is real. Life can be something like a head game, you can get caught up in an illustration of life rather than the tangible prevalence. Sometimes you need to get away to keep yourself close. You may need to step away from the buzzing to hear the music. Getting lost in what’s abstract without a way to tell what’s what may leave you feeling confused. Getting lost in a tale may have you feeling used. In an effort to really be connected, and concentrated to the core evidence- you’ll find your real way. Just wait.

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