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The Illusion of Self is Hacked Once One Takes This Image and Configures it to One’s Own Desire of Appearing, The Boot Drive of Human Is Set At Max Overdrive When it’s Code Manipulated Correctly

The thing which you call you is never a hard, or concrete form or image. If you do not like your self image or mindset behaviors, you may simply need a slight tweaking. If one hates themselves, or hates their look who is to say that you cannot rearrange yourself? The secrets of changing everything which appears on the outside is simply rearranging what is accepted as being ‘true’ on the inside. Changing true to ‘false’, and vise-versa can set a shock wave of recompiling of the self inside or out just do to a slight change of what you allow yourself to be. Stop making the mistake, nothing you see around you is set in stone. If you know this to be true, then you know that as everything is ever changing. To re-direct that change in order for it to become something completely different is an easy thing. To study thyself, and know thy environment is needed to do such a hack. Something you may call a trick is nothing but a deeper understanding or knowledge. You simply need to thirst for these gems of unlocking, and suddenly all the keys of the cosmos web will be open to you.

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