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Missiles That Fling Through The Clouds The Alliance of Heaven Speaks of the Destruction of this Heaven,When Sure Souls Don’t Know Even The Beauty Around, But Hope For Explosions Galore

Search for the stones. Waste not energy on pointless efforts, but instead learn to identify when energy need not be wasted, when to waste energy might even be a fool’s errand. Search for the stones, collect the gems. Fill your basket with the material matters of the cosmos’ immense wisdoms. Be not tattered by the weakness of your flesh, but build it up as a worthy vessel to bring you to elevation. Seek not destruction where no need for it be, seek clarity where it need be seen. Think not the horrors around you, but rather think upon how and why you impose those horrors on natural things when these are not necessary. Open your fleshly eyes along with the inner eyes to see life as it sees you.

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