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The Universe is So Big And Vast, Take a Quick Moment To Think of Perspective and in A Blink Watch Your Existence Alone Evaporate, Along With Your Worries of The Simple Stuff

In this universe of abstract constructions made from the pushing and pulling of mater, lines of lights and curves of dark. We are but small particles to the giants, so why do our problems become titanic in our lives, have we no perspective? Why do we allow ourselves become crushed by the weight of our own issues so that they become the world to us? The world itself is such a grand work of art, and here we are missing all of the love set in motion around us while we are set swimming in a world of our own issues. We need to remind ourselves of the beauty all around, of the beauty even in the far beyond what is around and beyond that. There are so many beauties that exist in this existence in the entirety of space and time, so much that we can’t possibly hope to understand. Our world is more than just “our world” the world is not the lone stone swirling through space, but we are but many and we are but a small part of a symphony, an orchestra of melodic harmony. When we can take ourselves from ourselves and remember that for a second we just may remember a reason to smile.



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