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Those Who Copy Others and Worry About Capabilities of Competing With The Complete, Just a Lie From The Lack of Self, Denial of Centered Cosmic Wealth, $pendings Unclaimed and Untaxed But Unappreciated

Simply placed, ones are harming their own hearts because those who’re not many, but the only who exist, are those competing in their hearts with others. Unique against unique, but both wanting to be same. Simply placed, in this place, the only one who is you is you. What is it that you hope in your heart to obtain by comparing yourself to one who is not you? As if these are comparable. In no way simply by physical attributes can you say you’re some how inferior when there’re billions of details under the surface which make up what we perceive on the surface. In fact that which we see from our perspective is not quite what’s under the surface. This is only the face of the iceberg, simply a small sectional tip. We all have much more to us than the tip.

So here’s a tip: you’re the only you and what you do, no one else can do or compare to. If you compare the only you to that which it isn’t, how can you expect to ever become that which you were born to become? Are you you, or are you they?

We are all ourselves, and there’s no way what we do can be completely be duplicated by others. Each of us have our own style. This because we’re all, while similar, completely different in vast ways. When you arrive at clarity of self, you realize that in reality there are none who can, or that you need compete with in life. You are one with your own world.

Be not ashamed by the fate of others, look at it not as your own. Do your thing, and do it as only you can. Be you and not others because what you are is nothing that others could truly be either.

Don’t be the snake who eats its own tail, in perpetual purposelessness. Rather, be prominent with personal proficiency, please.

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