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Those Who Speak in Whispers About Loud Truths, Are The Wise Yet Those Who Take Beautiful Action Manifest Beautiful Pleasures In Mankind

Seek the thirst of life, see yourself quenched in the dessert of your own bleak manifestation. Be wounded not from the bite of the vulture picking at your half-dead corpse. The reaper plotting, staring at his ticker while waiting on the expiration of your soul. Hide treasures not in drawers, under bedding, nor deep within the recesses of the mind. If you have pleasure for man to enjoy, speak it, let it be known, but do so in a way which the remains of which will be fruitful. Do not cast your gems upon those with daggers who creep in the dark, yet discreet is the meek mind, the one who will reach the vast grasslands of heaven.


Camila Kendra

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