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See The Hope of Your Life Flash Before You In A Ray of Warm Yellow Light, The Bend of the Horizon Revealing You A Glimpse of Yourself

The certain brilliance in the world. There are certain few who only highlight the certain disgusting areas, the muck of the universe, but there’s more beauty and truth than to what these claim. How could the world be so ugly, when a baby is born with a smile so bright? The light of gods show you exactly what you need to be seen, yet you need correct eyes to see what is to be revealed. Remove eyes of loathing and replace, as if surgically, the eyes which will show you hope in the trees and the memories and dreams of the ancients in the stars. Thus is to sacrifice. Rip off what is not bringing you closer to the light, eyes or arms even.What is holding you back?


Jayme Jo Massoud

Origin : Australian

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