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To Those Who Fear Death, You Will Never Truly Live ~ For to Conquer Fear of Death Is to Conquer and Live a Life Of Bliss

Change the mentality that you have on your life, that you have on the world

The life you lead is best lived once you have come to terms with the fact that you may die at any moment.

Most of you might click the back arrow on your browser now, but the few on the right path will listen.

As young as you may be, you still have to acknowledge that at any moment, especially in the midst of a pandemic, that you may die.

Your conscious-self however, might not be so prone to accepting this death if it’s so sudden, and unexpected.

This is the nature of us seeking understanding for everything. This will is our nature when we feed on personal-attachment as well.

You may expect to live a long time, expect however that you may die just the same.

Your mind operates based on the the things you place within it, it roots it’s [identity] in what you hold to be valuable.

If you seek and run from goal, to goal, and accomplishment to the next, you will then have your conscious-self set on running forever.

If your run then it’s cut short, you’ll still be running yet there will be no legs or places for you to run

You will simply be a non-physical being without the ability to discern her own death. You’ll sit confused at how your body is no longer running towards your goals. You may even attempt at going back into the body and doing so.

This is not what would be called a “beautiful death”

To live what would be called a beautiful death, would be to die knowing you are now dead, and accepting that you’re now absent from your physical body which you’ve may come to see as “you.”

This would allow you to accept your now state of being out of the physical body, and move on successfully to the next destination.

This is the death you want.

The one who runs from death lives in a state of perpetual running. When their life runs out there will be no way to run anymore.

such a person will have a hard time accepting their state of death, and this will lead to many struggles.

You must live a beautiful life, not only chasing the next goal, being “about a bag” or about a transcendence.

You must appreciate every second, and train the self to appreciate and see every molecule of beauty and experience it therein for its own beauty.

The “self” and the “soul” are similar in meaning but not the same. The Self is a part of the entire cosmos, a attached expression of all life energy as you are. The Soul, is some schools of belief is not this. But a separate entity body separate from all other physical life.

This is the CQ of silver, of acknowledgement of majesty, or of the greatness of life.

If you live in wonder and beauty, you will accept every second for what it is and also the fact that any can be your last

and that’s okay.

When you can become this, you’ll be able to conquer what it means to live a beautiful life.

To those who conquer what it means to have to die, these will be the free ones who’ll have the creativity to live the freest and most beautiful life.

This should be our aim as human.

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