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How To Use, and What is Pink CQ, a Thoughtful Different Look on Magick Usage and Basic Implementation Understanding

Certain Quality ( CQ ) : This explained is a personal philosophy about the use, or the existence of things which those more in tuned with the deeper qualities of things and manipulation and understanding of energies would call Magick.

I prefer, to use Certain Quality, rather than Magick. And this would merely be used to explain how certain things in life have such an effect on our personal psyches. Some of these things would include, pictures, paintings, music, or one of the most powerful – use of text, and spoken words.

This is as much as I will explain about that right now.

Let’s just say that a magical hue, which would be used and exemplify for the unlifting and building of the human spirit, would be known as the pink hue.

This I would call Pink CQ, or Pink Magic, as one might be so into labeling magic catergory by color such as the most common Black ~ White, each named appropriately for their understanding of usage.

Pink CQ is the most friendliest of all CQ( Certain Quality ) because it is understood and used only to uplift the spirit of a person by intentional actions of kind gestures or kind words. These words, or actions as they were have a certain energy behind them when used in such a way, which is appropriated as CQ. It becomes CQ when the user is aware of the power of such objects, as in the physical vibrations of words of caring and love, and how they resonate within the [SELF] of the one receiving this energy.

This is how the CQ works, this is exactly how you use CQ by the active [INTENT] of your selection of the energy you wish to project or transfer to your subject of reception.

This very website itself is one which uses CQ on you, the very reader, for the certain usuage of intriguing and activating the subtle knower, or subconscious mind of the user, which is yourself.

To be a user of CQ one must effectively understand the different hues of CQ and have a ability to know which to use in any given situation, or rather which to use to achieve a certain goal.

Today’s goal is love.

To achive love, or use the CQ of [PINK], which is of love an humility one must be very aware of what they are attempting to do, and of the power of their gestures and words in accordance with this Pink CQ.

To use pink CQ, it shall be very simple- simply become aware of the result, or goal of your usage of CQ and use proper manipulation of this Pink CQ energy to achieve of your intent.

Kind words, to a saddened or maddened person. Humility to a disrespected person. Energy becoming of getting forgiveness for one to whom you have wronged.

The Pink CQ, Certain Quality, is to be used with the intent of knowing the hue of your CQ and implementing it in any situation you see fit as to give love, or allow the person of your subject to fill loved.

You can even implement this energy on yourself, by simply sitting in meditation and speaking words of the Certain Quality of Pink Hue in your mind, or speaking outwardly to yourself in the mirror, this will do the trick.

To be a wielder of the Pink hue of Certain Quality, or Pink Magick, simply target on your subject and intently pack your actions or words with the intent of building them up, or loving them with each action you do for as long as you can endure to wield the CQ.

For we can all benefit from proper users of the art of Pink CQ for the good of fellow woman, and man.

Name some phrases for yourself, such as “You look nice today, I’m quite impressed with you today.” – This itself will have a profound effect on the hearer, which they might not even be able to put their finger on, and this makes it that “Certain Quality” of something right outside the realm of explanation. Or “I think you’re trying your best.” Anything which you can store in your memory which will project this loving force of energy on your subject.

Write a couple basic “incantations” down, and use them whenever you’re looking for that intended result, the intended result of the pink CQ which is uplifting and love.

With much thoughtful meditation, observation and skillful practice and usage of this CQ, [MAGICK] You will become a dutiful contributor of your skillful gift to society for the benefit of it.

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