Milkydoxy,  Typographic Melody

Electric Rays Intertwined, Clashing Sweet Creating Just an Imitation of Music

What is your interest in life? The playing, hoping for luck like spades or a brilliant ruckus like the smashing and bashing of vibrant crystals fresh from the carefully arrived packaging.

No questions will brought to a man who asks none. No answers will be found by a woman who seeks none.

To open the eyes but close the ears, makes nonsense. Simply common sense, which this speaks of the lack of such needed substance.

A body, is an illustration of the beautiful creative function of their our galaxy. This our universe simply being nothing more than a glint in the eye of the known and even the unknown universe.

A body is a universe in itself. The emotion you feel taking account of this view, a reaction to the electricity forced from the charge, of your sexual. You keep hidden the signs, but we all know the signs of such things.

You need not hide, you come here to enjoy and live out to live free such realities. This here reality, is nothing more than a game of reality. What’s so serious, about it, this here? It is only a game, this here thing we call reality.

Create it your own, or have it created for you and simply live in the lines. Never making known for yourself the brilliant beauties, the brilliant bodies of those that exist beyond those very lines.


The freedom of the spirit of these above photos, something miraculous. Maybe not seen or noticed by the unobservant eye, but such one like me does take notice.

A simple glance, neutral expression of a youthful energy, a beautiful chemistry. How the body plays between the woven strings of the fabrics, a slight winking of the bareness of flesh between the lines. A silent cry of a beautiful song which makes even the grownest, strongest men cry out in elation.

The different angles of beauty. How many ways can perception be bent to please reality? A simple playing of natural light, playful colors, and hopeful, artful expression creates the most evocative things.

Model Name: Mara Lafontan

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