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Golden Gods And Iron Boulders Some Think Worship, Some Think Only Symbolism

You gain what pain you sacrifice in order to get.

In order to get you must work and you must live that work.

Success comes not at a meeting point but at being in the right posturing in the right positioning at all times.

Those who wish without action are fans of to many magical movies.

Those who pray without actions have not found God, they have found convenience.

It takes eyes to live in the world, you must see to receive and you must be quiet to be taught.

If you think that you are at the pinnacle, then expect any day for it all to fall all over your head.

Cry not for the heavens, for you have not the mind to see it all around you anyhow.

Salvation is only found when through your actions, another eats. The hand that feeds only herself will be the hand which robs herself off all.

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