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The Many Ways We Fail To Explain Beauties Such As The Ones Standing Right Before Us

If the spirit of a phoenix could be contained in code, what would it appear as? An endless set of binary numbers, and incomprehensible symbols and sequences? How can a person explain the beauty of a beautiful woman? Can that person do so using mere vernacular, or phrasings? Do you have the ability to vocalize the feelings you first felt at the first moments you first felt love? Of what it felt like to see your first child born? Can such things be articulated using mere words?

The beauty, or any beauty is purely that of the beholder, her or she alone knows its experience. As with any color, or personal thought or perspective, we can only see these things as per our own perspective, we cannot assert to understand or discredit anothers. We are the ones thinking that many things can be understood and explained, that existence and live itself can be explain using mere words and phrases so that we have full confidence in these ideas.

Yet, with mere words we are not able to explain in full all capturing and transferable detail, the beauty of a woman from our own eyes. From one mind, to the next.

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