The Miraculous Magical Essence of a Smile on a Human Being

The sight of a smile and the things that it does to us, how it effects us and the power it has to change our day.

The smile is one of the most beautiful expressions on our face because it speaks of love, emotion, passion and awareness for the pleasurable things in life. A smile is also beautiful because even in the most horrid times a smile can shine through.

A smile means happiness in the moment and a smile can make the viewer feel happy.

What simple joys can come from just an expression.

It’s often the judgment that eliminates such an expression and makes such grand things small.

We should appreciate the small things more and bring the brightness out of just these small things- the butterflies silently flickering past us while we can only take in the lushness of the forest in the distance.

Humanity has a difficulty appreciating little things. We would much rather only see the grand things. Something so small as a smile has little place in the eyes much more concerned with the larger more unnecessary items.

We take it for granted. We take our emotions for granted. We think to smile is effectively weak, or to do so is pointless.

We have much to remember about our ways and much to see in these times we are now living in.

Times where life gets tough, and the larger things lose value, and the comfortable falls just from our reaching grasp. It’s at these times when we remember just how to appreciate the small things like a smile.

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