Mentsexu – A Loosely Defining Musing of the Sex Above What We Think About Sex

The act of sex, the sexiest sex having its course not in the physical but in the mind.

The act of sex and a fiery passion having its way not in fantasy, but in information. The lust and addicting spirit of sexual energy taking its form in the unconventional sense of a pure connective activity of one person to the core mind of another person.

Sex of the mind, is in tune sex, but not in terms of intercourse and also not in terms of fantasy about intercourse- but rather a type of sex finding itself in the most binary way possible. A sex which is had in pure appeal, in pure attraction and a mental connection between two or more parties of people.

A smart sex if you will.

A harmonious sex if you will where the core of a person is brought out within language and finds itself intermingling with the core consciousness of another, in a symbolic frolicking of intellects and personal expressions.

A mixing not of the bodies, in a sexual passion of physical exchange- but a mixing ebbing and flowing of the mental of personality of a being with another being in a way just as gratifying but without needing intent.

This could be something called to be such as a “evolution of a primal sex” if you will.

This sex, a pleasurable sex, not for physical reproduction and forwarding of the species but as a pleasure of connecting one’s consciousness with another and seeing what that may produce.

It is again done not necessarily with an intent to do so, like the act of sex, but with just having the awareness such a sex can be enjoyed in the daily flow of space and time.

Mentally evolved persons, thinking past the face value of today’s life can see and enjoy such a thing. While others might just see it as simple conversation.

In truth, it’s more than just a simple conversation and excels beyond mere elementary flirting but it exists in a heightened state of a ‘un-attempted flirtation’, a natural occurrence if you will, one of minds and ideas.

Such could take place not only in the presence of another but in text-based-communication, verbal only, or even not in personally knowing that person who is being connecting with at all.

Such an unknown connection, a sex of the mind, could be had with a person who’s ideas and general expression of self you may generally connect with and enjoy. This could be a personal social media platform or a more exotic form of platform, you may have one of the such currently. Many forms of pleasure, or connection can be derived from the platform in which you choose to display your personal self.

One may find him/herself sexually charged in a physical manner to take that connection of unknown persons to a physical place and take themselves to passionate climax too. All of this could be seen as a rich connection to a way that a person has put themselves out to be received by the world.

In turn this person would not know much other than what is verbally told to them about the connections they have made in the world, but in the same sense this person can also find themselves aroused ( mentally, or and also physically, ) by the web of connections they’ve made in the world.

This could be seen in a symbolic sense as a person who derives sexual energy not only from one personal partner, but from a bevy of individuals around the world who submit to them their energy and appreciation. A collective network of personal and very much respected and appreciated partners, if you will.

Besides the physical and elementary stance of what “sex” is, in namely not just something which is intercourse only, it is seen that the real definition excels much past the way many of us might have grown to define it.

Sex is a wonderful thing and in life it is good to enjoy it in as many ways as their are colors on the spectrum. Not being limited by others standpoints is the way to set yourself on a stance for the fun journey of personal evolution.

Have fun being you, and enjoy life in the ways not only of the “allowed” traditional and strive for your own personal custom greatness of life.

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